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Neath - Large Rug Pad

Neath - Large Rug Pad

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A rug is only good if it stays where it is placed. After finally making your decision on a perfect complement to your décor, the last thing you need is lifting corners or your accent rug slowly sliding further and further under the sofa. The Neath rug pad is made from polypropylene, giving it a natural cling without any sticky mess, and it won't stain or ruin the flooring you have underneath your rug. This product can be used on hard wood, tile and even carpet, letting you lay down your rugs precisely where you want them and keeping them there. No more unsightly angles, wrinkling, or worse tripping over a folded corner. Compatible with our entire selection of rugs!
Neath - Rug Pad - Pattern
63.6"W x 91.2"D - 1.0 lb
Neath - Large Rug Pad - Pattern
96.0"W x 120.0"D - 1.0 lb
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